Jesus answered a question by telling a story in Luke 10. He said... there was this guy who was traveling between cities (in 2020, it could have been by car, train, bus or plane) and on the way, he got attacked by robbers who actually took his nice clothes off of him (in 2020, it could have been brand name tennis shoes or designer professional shoes, or a really nice suit), beat him up (in the process of taking all he had) and left him half dead (fighting for his life, injured, wounded and alone). As a blessing for that guy, he saw a Priest coming towards him (in 2020, a pastor, a bishop, a minister, an evangelist, a guy who teaches people about the Bible, a Christian college professor) but when he saw the wounded man, he angled across the street (like, oh wait, I totally need milk and look, there's the store... and besides, I am not going near that guy in a lump on the street, I mean, I don't even know the whole story and besides he doesn't even attend my church... besides I don't have time to help all the people in the world, I have a sermon to prepare...) then another religious guy shows up (you know, a professing Christian, someone who says they believe the Bible but may not really believe everything in it, only when it suits their purposes) and this guy does the same thing, crossing the street to avoid him, (not even asking what happened or how he can help or get him help). Then a 3rd guy is heading down the same road on his own trip (but says, hey, the guy isn't from where I am from, but it doesn't matter, he needs my help it looks like), and when he sees this poor naked beat up man who is half dead, his heart breaks for him, and he immediately got out his first aid kit to do what he could in the situation. (in 2020, what do you have in your hands or car or home that can help out the guy who needs help) He was able to help him disinfect and put on some bandages in the moment (do what you can with what you have), but it wasn't enough to really help this guy (then ask God what else you can do), so he lifted him up him on his own donkey (put him in his car, or called an ambulance, or called for help) and took him to an inn (made sure he had a safe place to heal, at a home or hospital, not on the street, and it wasn't his own home) and told the front desk guy to please take care of him as he healed (made sure there would be help for the guy tomorrow and the next day and beyond) and he would pay the whole bill (financially using what God gave him to help someone else).

This story is even more interesting because of the details... Jesus said the man was going from Jerusalem to Jericho, and the men who saw him was a priest, a Levite and a Samaritan. There are many meanings in this story, and you can find many interesting theories online, but the whole point is that if you want to be like Jesus, you see a need and you help however you can. It doesn't matter if they speak your language, or are from your country, your state, your city or your church, if you can help, you do. That's what Jesus did. While the world's religious leaders turned into country clubs with elite memberships, Jesus just loved everyone and helped everyone that wanted His help with their lives.

Today on March 14, 2020, our world is in need due to COVID-19, the corona virus, that is injuring and killing people worldwide. The question is how we can help the person on our own street, the street we travel down today. We know we need to love our neighbors, but who is our neighbor? What if they speak a different language, or are not a citizen here, or don't attend the same church or any church, or what if they were at the bar last night, or what if... what if... what if... the only question is whether or not you see them on the street you are traveling down today... then for today, that's your neighbor and you are asked by Jesus to love them however you can. If someone coughs or sneezes, maybe you can hand them a box of kleenex and a smile and tell them God loves them. Don't point them out and publicly humiliate them, and don't go to the other side of the store to avoid them. If you can help, help them. It might mean that you buy a 10 pack of purse kleenex packets to share, so you are ready when God needs you to love on someone He loves, who just happens to need help today. Maybe you need to giggle with a senior who is worried, who isn't even sick, but in their heart, they are heart sick. If you are a senior, don't wait for someone to come to you, you go find a friend your age and be their giggle from Jesus today, and lighten their load.

So who is your neighbor to love today? In the story in Luke 10, Jesus asked them who was a good neighbor? They answered him, the guy who treated him kindly. Jesus said GO AND DO THE SAME.

So today, who is in your path? Who do you see? Someone in your family? Someone at the store? Someone at work? Someone at the gym? Those are your neighbors today to treat kindly and help as you are able, no matter what mess you see them in. That will delight Jesus during this worldwide panic that is beating up a lot of people this week, physically and emotionally. Jesus says to you to treat them kindly, in word and action, and He will help you and guide you and lead you this day in this.

Jesus said, "...the Son of man must suffer many things, and be rejected of the elders, and of the chief priests, and scribes, and be killed and after three days rise again.  I am the door; by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out and find pasture...I am the good Shepherd who gives His life for the sheep...I am come that they might have life and have it more abundantly... 

Mark 8 and John 10

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Ambassador Brian and Ambassador Talani

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Welcome!  Jesus Christ came for every human being internationally!  Although we pronounce his name differently, the same Yeshua HaMashiach is our Messiah and our Salvation!  Hallelujah!  He came to planet earth to bring God's Kingdom to earth by being born as a man, and He came to tell people about God's Adoption offer and to look for His Bride, by paying the price for sin which is the death penalty, wow, THEN HE ROSE FROM THE DEAD!  Yah, really!  He is ALIVE and He's coming back again for all those who choose to be His Bride and be part of God's forever family by giving up their life to be His Ambassador for The Kingdom of God!