The Story of Jesus Christ

in the Bible

You can read the story of Jesus in the Bible. 


To read about the life of Jesus on planet earth over 2,000 years ago, read Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. 


It talks all about his birth, his life, his death and his resurrection.  It tells you where He is now.


Born of a virgin

Jesus was birthed by God in a woman who had never even had sex with any man.  Her name was Mary.  Read the story in the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Born in a Manger

Jesus wasn't born in a fancy hospital in an elite city, he was born in the food bowl set out for animals, because the hotels were full for the census going on. Read the story in the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. 

Jesus performed Miracles

Jesus had the power to heal and to cast out demons.  He raised people from the dead.  Read the story in the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

They killed Jesus, but He was innocent.

The religious people killed Jesus on a criminals cross, but He did not do anything wrong.  Read the story in the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

The blood that Jesus shed was for you!

Jesus willingly shed His own blood for your sins and mine, so that we would be accepted by His Father God.  I am so thankful for this atonement!  Read the story in the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Jesus came back to life!

Jesus did not stay dead.  3 days later, God resurrected Jesus from the dead!  People saw Him!  Read the story in the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Jesus is coming back again!

I am sad that I missed seeing Jesus the first time He came, but He is coming back again.  Watch for Him!  Read the story in the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  Also read Acts.

Become an Ambassador

of Jesus Christ International

Jesus said that the harvest is plentiful,

but the workers are few. 

He asked us

to pray

to the Lord of the harvest

for more workers.  

Matthew 9

1 Say "Yes" to Jesus!

Tell Jesus that you want what He has offered you.

2  Become part of God's family

Jesus' Father has an adoption offer for you.  If you become part of the family, the inheritance starts right away.  The Holy Spirit is the down payment, and you totally want to do life with Him!

3  Accept the call to be His Ambassador.

Your life is not your own anymore.  Move when He says move, and stop when He says stop.

4  Go tell someone about Jesus!

It is amazing, but there are adults who still have never heard about Jesus, and they live down the street from you.  Go tell them!

5  Create your own website as God leads you.

A website is just one of many creative ways to share with others what God has shared with you.

6  Pray for someone.

Many people need prayer.  Some will tell you and some will not.  Pray for healing, and what God take action through your life.


Study the Bible

The Word of God is alive and sharper than a double edged sword.  Read it and find something new and amazing every time you open it.


Talk to Him and listen for Him to talk back to you.

God can communicate with you in many different ways, but you have to be tuned in and listening.


Get creative!

There are a lot of fun ways to share Jesus with others.  Get creative and do what God tells you to do in this season.

Talk to Jesus and say "YES!"

There is nothing automatic about living forever with Jesus, you have to talk to Him about it and tell Him you want what He is offering to you.  It is called prayer, but it just means talking to Jesus.


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We would love to hear how God is using your life for His glory, and we would love to encourage you!

10 Fun Ways to work for God's Kingdom and launch being His Ambassador:

Go where the people are!

Don't always except people to find you or seek you out.  Go where they are!  Get involved in your community!  Help where needed!

 Keep your gas tank over half full.

God may want to use you minister to someone a few cities away.  Make sure you have the gas to get there.

 Have Bibles in your car!

Many people do not even own their own Bible, so make sure you have some in your car to give away to people who need one, free of charge.

 Keep an updated passport.

Know the laws in your country and other countries, so you can travel out of your country anytime God has an opportunity for you.

 Buy or make tracts.

Tracts are little booklets or just a folded single sheet of paper that tells the story of Jesus.  People can take it with them for their purse or pocket and read it any time.  You can buy these online, or make them creatively.

 Pray at least every hour of every day, often more.

If you are not talking to God, you are also not listening to God.  You want to know what He is asking you to do and when He wants you to do it.  Be sure to check in with God every hour... it's even better to check in every 5 minutes.  It will change your life!  It will transform your day!

 Keep an instrument in the car!

If you play an instrument, keep it in the car.  God may give you an opportunity to play or sing for His glory!  Be ready!

 Encourage Others.

You are now part of the family of God, and many of them are discouraged.  Make it part of your day to encourage the family of God wherever you see them.  Sometimes it will be around town, sometimes it will be at a church, and sometimes it may be a phone call or email in another country.

 Bake something delicious!

Most people eat often during the day.  Bake something nummy to share with them!  It's fun to talk about Jesus over a cup of hot tea or hot coffee and something fun to eat.

10  Ask God for directions.

God wants to help you with everything that concerns you.  Talk to God about your health, what you eat, how you should dress, where you should work, where you should travel, what you should say, what you should not say, what you should buy, what you should not buy and the list goes on.  Just ask Him!  He wants to talk to you about your life, and how what you do can give Him glory and advance His Kingdom!

Jesus said, "...the Son of man must suffer many things, and be rejected of the elders, and of the chief priests, and scribes, and be killed and after three days rise again.  I am the door; by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out and find pasture...I am the good Shepherd who gives His life for the sheep...I am come that they might have life and have it more abundantly... 

Mark 8 and John 10

© 2020 by

Ambassador Brian and Ambassador Talani

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Welcome!  Jesus Christ came for every human being internationally!  Although we pronounce his name differently, the same Yeshua HaMashiach is our Messiah and our Salvation!  Hallelujah!  He came to planet earth to bring God's Kingdom to earth by being born as a man, and He came to tell people about God's Adoption offer and to look for His Bride, by paying the price for sin which is the death penalty, wow, THEN HE ROSE FROM THE DEAD!  Yah, really!  He is ALIVE and He's coming back again for all those who choose to be His Bride and be part of God's forever family by giving up their life to be His Ambassador for The Kingdom of God!