God's Adoption Offer and The Bride of Jesus Christ proposal

John 3, II Corinthians 5, Romans 8, Ephesians 3

Jesus Christ has a Father in Heaven, John 14 who created this world and human beings Genesis.  His Father really adores you John 3!  God knows all about your life Psalm 139, and sees that you don't always live how He created you to live, the bible calls that sin Romans 3.  He is a jealous God Exodus 34 and wants you all for Himself.  He sees how you have been unfaithful in your love to Him.  He sees how you screwed things up and made a mess of your life, but he loves you so much that He wants to give you a chance to let Him help you clean up your life John 3.  You actually deserve the worst Psalm 103, but God Himself still wants you I John 4!  You see, because God is GOD, when unfaithfulness happens towards Him, blood has to be shed Leviticus 17.  It's a way serious thing!  Psalm 103 Sometimes it's an animal, sometimes it's a human, but God still has a thing for you, this totally tender place in His heart for you  John 3 ... so... if He sheds your blood, He destroys what He loves so much... so... God made a decision to do the only possible thing... He sent His own and only son John 3 to planet earth Luke 2, where you live, who is God John 10, who is perfect Psalm 18, to shed His own blood Ephesians 2, Matthew 27 which is a perfect atonement for our sin... then after a really gross yucky unjust bloodshed on a criminals cross, Jesus died Mark 15, Romans 6 and was buried John 20.  After 3 days in a tomb, God brought Jesus back to life Mathew 28 and gave Him a new body Mark 16, then took Jesus John 20 back to Heaven Matthew 28, Acts 1 to be with Him forever.  


So here's how it goes down... this is an adoption offer John 3 and marriage proposal from Jesus, our Bridegroom Matthew 25, all in one!

First, you tell God you want to repent of your sin and doing life your own way and you want Him to be your Father from now on.  Prayer  You accept His adoption offer.  In fact, the Bible calls it being born again.  Yah, you are in a new family now, an international family, with brothers and sisters from all over the world, every tribe, every nation, every people group, every color of skin, every age, men and women and children.  The Bible calls all of His kids one body, and describes us all as different parts of the body of His Bride, with different gifts that benefit the whole.  I Corinthians 12 It's wayyy cool!  


So God picked out a perfect Bride for His Son!  It's made up of a bunch of people uniting to become one bride.  I know it's a crazy hard to understand God thing BUT the thing is... YOU are invited to be part of the Bride of Jesus Christ, AND IF YOU SAY YES Prayer, He will actually give you part of Himself right now!  His Holy Spirit, His Ghost, to come unite with you on planet earth TODAY.


If you say yes to Jesus, He will send you something even cooler than an engagement ring.  He will send you His own Ghost Acts 2!  Yah, I know... pretty trippy... but FOR REAL!  Jesus will send you His Holy Ghost, His Spirit, to unite with your spirit, while you are still living here on planet earth.  It's His own down payment on the royal inheritance Matthew 6 package with your name on it, so you will KNOW it is a REAL DEAL!


Did you know that the Ghost of Jesus Christ is actually orchestrating your life right now to hear this wedding proposal?  It's true!  There will even be a Marriage Supper! Marriage Supper of the Lamb of God Read about it in Revelation.


You just starting talking to Him like He is right in front of you, because His Ghost actually is!  You can't see Him, and I know it's crazy awesome trippy, but just start talking to Him...

You can say something like...

"Hi Jesus... I believe the Bible stories about you coming to planet earth.  I want to live with you and your Father for trillions of years, with that cool inheritance package... so I'm saying YES!  I want to be adopted by your Dad and I want to be your Bride... and I want to unite with Your Ghost RIGHT NOW, so you can tell me all about what I need to do next.  I repent of my sins and not living your way.  I get it, I don't live for myself anymore, and I am choosing not to live like I used to live... because honestly, it wasn't really that great of a life anyway doing things my own way, everything considered.  I love that I get to be born again in the Spirit, because that makes today day one of a totally new existence, that is eternal, which is pretty unfathomable for my human mind, but really really cool!"


Yah, it's called THE BIBLE.  The first half of the book is called The Old Testament and explains how it all started, how the earth got here and how humans got here and stuff, and it talks all about God's plan to send His son Jesus and why.  The second half of the book is called The New Testament and talks about the real guy Jesus who was born on earth over 2,000 years ago.  It's a fact of history.  It also talks about how the religious church at that time killed Him, but God brought Him back to life.  You will read about the birth story of Jesus which people talk about during Christmas time now.  You will read about the death and resurrection story of Jesus which people talk about during Easter time now.  Then read the Book of Acts.  Acts tells the part of the story of Jesus where he leaves planet earth and says He is gonna send His Ghost back, and then He totally does, and His friends are totally trippin' and ecstatic with joy and boldness and confidence and peace and all this amazing power from the actual Ghost of Jesus Christ, who rose from the dead.


Jesus has plans to come back to earth again to live with His Bride in a new Earth... yah really, this earth and the heavens above it will be destroyed, but God will make a new Heaven and a new Earth.  Read about that in Revelation.

Here is the crazy truth... not everyone wants to be part of the Bride of Jesus Christ, so God has to deal with all the unfaithful lovers first... yah, that is a wild crazy yucky story, where the wrath of God pours out... remember I told you that God is a really super jealous God?  Well, this is how the bar brawl goes down towards unfaithful lovers... it's pretty sickening, and does not end well for those who choose other lovers.  In fact, God ends up throwing them alive into an everlasting fire pit that He calls Hell with their lovers.

You see, in this whole story, there is a bad guy that is also an unseen ghost, who is trying to get you to rebel against God, because that is what He did.  His name is Lucifer or Satan or The Devil.  He has a story too.  He actually used to live in Heaven, but decided He wanted to be cooler than God so He started a war in Heaven.  He lost of course, but got cast down with 1/3 of all of the angels... yah, they actually hooked up with Him.

So here is the thing, if God was willing to throw out His worship leader and 1/3 of all of His angels, why do humans somehow think God will let them live with Him forever, if they don't even want to hook up with Him now?


If I tell you I want to marry you, but you never hear from me again... how is that even going to work?  We have to build a relationship where I know you and you know me.  The same is true with Jesus!  If we accept adoption into God's royal family, God expects us to represent the family name well... and if not, He's going to talk to us about it, do some correction... discipline those He loves... and expect change.  He will make the final decision about who is a good son or daughter, and who is a worthy Bride for His Son.  


Then, you have to talk to God right away, before it's too late and ask for forgiveness.  This is how great relationships grow.  Ask for His help, and His Ghost will help you in this life and prepare you for your eternal life.  I know this is all a lot to fathom... but it is worth all the time it takes to begin to fathom it...

IF YOU WANT TO SAY YES, JUST START TALKING TO HIM... not to me, not to any other human, talk to Him about your relationship with Him... ask Him what the plan for your life is... ask for specific directions from His Ghost...

THEN... START MEETING YOUR NEW RELATIVES IN THE FAMILY... there are other kids and adults in God's family who are members of the Bride of Christ... you can meet them in a lot of different places... the Holy Ghost can show you where to meet them... many of them gather together at churches throughout the week and talk about Him, which is super fun... we all love to talk about those who love us!  The Ghost shows up too and amazing things happen at Family of God Reunions around the world!

And remember, not everyone who says they know Jesus actually does.  Some people are just pretending for a lot of different reasons.  Some people are still learning about Jesus themselves.  Some pastors are just at church for the income, not for the relationship.  So if you think the family has some funny uncles and crazy cousins, you are totally right.  You might even meet people at a church who aren't in the family of God.  So just keep your eyes wide open, and ask the Holy Ghost to give you wisdom to see the pretend TV family from the actual real family of God.

So here's the bottom line... you can't be part of the Family of God unless you agree to marry Jesus!  He is your ticket into the family line.  When you say YES to uniting with Jesus, you also say YES to now being God's own son or daughter with the full inheritance package.

Jesus said, "...the Son of man must suffer many things, and be rejected of the elders, and of the chief priests, and scribes, and be killed and after three days rise again.  I am the door; by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out and find pasture...I am the good Shepherd who gives His life for the sheep...I am come that they might have life and have it more abundantly... 

Mark 8 and John 10

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Welcome!  Jesus Christ came for every human being internationally!  Although we pronounce his name differently, the same Yeshua HaMashiach is our Messiah and our Salvation!  Hallelujah!  He came to planet earth to bring God's Kingdom to earth by being born as a man, and He came to tell people about God's Adoption offer and to look for His Bride, by paying the price for sin which is the death penalty, wow, THEN HE ROSE FROM THE DEAD!  Yah, really!  He is ALIVE and He's coming back again for all those who choose to be His Bride and be part of God's forever family by giving up their life to be His Ambassador for The Kingdom of God!