Pray with us for the very rich and the very poor in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Central Africa, that they may believe in Jesus and trust in Him alone.  Pray with us for the Hispanic and Latino communities in Boise, Idaho that they will accept the truth about Jesus and choose to believe.  Pray with us for the people in Sweden, that they will become excited again about Jesus and that they will speak about Jesus with boldness to those who do not feel loved and are without hope in this world.



French translation for the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Central Africa, and those who speak French around the world.

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Spanish translation for the Hispanic and Latino community in Idaho, and those who speak Spanish around the world.

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Swedish translation for our family and friends living in Sweden, and those who speak Swedish around the world.

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"spring 40"

Prayer and fasting

MAY 12 - JUNE 20, 2021

Join us for the last 40 days of Spring to ask God what He has planned for you to be and to do this summer for Him!  If you do not know Jesus, this is a great time to take 40 days to explore Who Jesus is and make your own decision about Him that will change your life now and for eternity.  If you follow Jesus, this is a great time to read the Bible, pray and fast as He leads you, and ask the Holy Ghost to guide you into all He has for you this summer for His glory!  If you take time to seek the heart of God with your whole heart, God Himself will answer you in a way that you will know and understand.  Jesus loves everyone and died for everyone, but each of us must decide for ourselves if we will love Him back and serve Him with our whole lives, in every way we know how, in every moment.  We can say from experience, it's a wild ride following Jesus but so so so worth every moment of it!  If you want to know how to live this crazy life, read the advice of Jesus from Matthew and Mark and Luke and John in the Bible.  If you want the power of the Holy Ghost that Jesus promised all who believe in Him, read the book of the Acts of the Apostles in the Bible.  The book of Acts shows you how those who believed in Jesus lived with Holy Ghost power, and that same power is available to you and me!  Yayyy!

it is
day 33
of "spring 40" prayer and fasting! 
join us!


Special Thanks to Boise Hawks for extra design work for us.

We are super excited to be a 2021 PARTNER with





Boise Papas Fritas and

Copa De La Diversion

Garden City, Idaho

We bought our half season Diamond Club package by first base, and placed our ad in 75,000 magazines at the stadium all season long, so look for in the Boise Hawks magazine.

We are excited to share the hope and love and peace of Jesus in Boise with everyone at Memorial Stadium.  If you want to share your testimony on one of our upcoming shows, let us know.

Let us know if you will be at the game, so we can say hello.

jesuschristinternational 1-8 Artwork COL

Special Thanks to Tyler Schild for the artwork for us this season.


We are super excited to be a 2021 SPONSOR at




and Drivers Cars


Meridian, Idaho

We bought our season tickets. Jesus Christ International is on the driver insert in the magazines each week, and we have an 8 foot banner in the family section, and our promos are given out from the booth, and we sponsor race car drivers.

We are super excited to sponsor 9 cars (so far) this year for Josh Fanopoulos (2020 Champion) and Aaden Fanopoulos (Ron's 12 year old son) and Ron Hayes and Trenton Wilson!  When they win, which has already happened many times this season, the announcer runs over to their car with the microphone and we hear them say, "Thank you to our sponsor,!" This is broadcast around the packed stadium to all the fans, and around world on the speedway's streaming TV channel.  It's so awesome!


Look for our 8 foot banner in the Family Section at the track, as we will be sitting above it and would love to meet you, and look for us on the program insert about the drivers! 

We are excited to share the hope and love and peace of Jesus in Meridian, Idaho and on SpeedCast TV around the world.  



                           Artwork by Talani